Our Ethos

Lumient Digital is an agency focused on developing and establishing online presences in this new era of Internet and mobile business. Developing an effective online presence demands a multi-faceted approach using a wide array of knowledge and abilities.

We know our stuff - vibrant web sites, eye catching video clips, and amazing apps that run on any browser or device - we have skills and experience in spades. We believe in more than just having great skills and knowledge. It’s about mindset and application.

Consider an athlete. Skills plus training don’t necessarily equate to a winning formula. The intangible elements - inspiration, determination and belief are the things that make that difference. We see our industry in the same light. Our culture is to invest ourselves in our work - your business. That’s what sets us apart from most.

"At Lumient Digital, we believe in more than just having great

skills and knowledge. It’s about mindset and application."

We don’t rest at assembling the best talent available; we instil a culture that strives to achieve more. We ensure we deliver your unique story and embed your unique DNA into our products.

We immerse ourselves in your business, its history, values and vision. From here we work as your partner with an inherent understanding of your business as a living, breathing entity and aspire to achieve a common goal. Every step of the journey is as important as the one before it; as is the one that follows.

Marketing, branding, web site development, social networking, search engine optimisation, digital video, graphic design and software as a service are all equally important facets of your digital presence. Each element must form a cohesive relationship with its peers as a solution that works holistically - as a single entity.

Our Disciplines



Graphic design

Online marketing


Video development

Website design

Content creation

Mobile phone and tablet app design


Website development

Mobile phone and tablet app development

Content management systems

Search engine optimisation